Works made to order

GAMZA CERAMIK STUDIO deals with professional design and realization of works made individually to order of clients who have strong need of self-created surroundings in a unique way.
Projects are made for defined spaces:
- for interiors – amphoras, vases, sculptures, floor and ceiling lamps, columns, fireplace linings, flowerpots, mosaics, furniture (eg. chess or bridge tables), and others;
- for exteriors – garden furniture, fountains, large flowerpots, garden sculptures, terrace lamps, gravestones, etc.
In principle, ceramic objects are designed and realized for individual needs of customers, for the spaces which surround them and accordingly to the style and character of the surroundings, simultaneously giving them new quality.
Works are created on high artistic level, handmade, with scrupulosity, once only (with absolute guaranty of uniqueness), maintaining the high standard of workmanship and technical competence .

GAMZA CERAMIK STUDIO owns a kiln to fire large–dimensional ceramic objects what gives huge liberty in designing and executing spheres.
Firings are accurate to the materials used for creation, assuring the highest quality of works.

The glazes are non-toxic (i.e. they do not have any negative health effects). Professionally used they are protected against the negative influence of weather conditions (in case of works done outside).

GAMZA CERAMIK STUDIO cooperates with architects of interiors and outdoor spaces, and also with the artists of other specializations.
A cost of designing/realization of ceramic works is in every case consulted with a client, because realizations are unique and do not recur.
Every ceramic piece has different dimensions, ornament and form.

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