Ceramic workshops


Ceramics is a great fun and fantastic way of spending free time which gives the possibility of self-realization, experiencing and… being deeply engaged!
It is a guaranty of development of creativity, thinking, deepening of art consciousness and 3D imagination.

GAMZA CERAMIK STUDIO provides workshops for children (7+), teenagers and adults, for organized groups based on cooperation with interested companies and institutions.

The classes are run professionally, accordingly to the education of the leader (5 years of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław) and her 17-years’ experience in ceramics.

The studio is well lit and equipped, the surrounding is pleasant and cosy, which fosters creativity and has a very good opinion among the workshops Participants.

The aim of the classes is to give the participants both theoretical and practical knowledge for having no limits in artistic creation in ceramics.

Lessons teach forming clay (with coils, bands, slabs, using impressing and casting methods for plaster moulds, and with a lost-clay method).
Then, successively, the trainings show how to decorate (incrustation, reliefs, open-work ornaments, slipware, oxides and metal salts, glazes, etc.)

The practice is accompanied with a theory which mingles with practical trainings.
The theory refers to knowledge of defining clay as basic substance, comprehension of its characteristics, temperatures of firing, correlation with slipware and glazes. The theoretical classes aim to convey the idea of how differently can clay be experienced.

All interested in the 3D experience are kindly asked for prior phone contact (+48 517 834 794) and are cordially welcome!